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Florent "Flo" Groberg
Medal of Honor Recipient and Business Leader, U.S. Army and Fortune 500 Companies
As a new officer in the Army Groberg given command of his first combat unit of 24 direct reports, yet doubts himself and must learn how to lead while establish…
Paul Bud Bucha
Medal of Honor Recipient, U.S. Army
Army Captain must confront overwhelming odds and overcome fear, fatigue, and ambiguity.
Jack Jacobs
Medal of Honor Recipient and Business Leader, U.S. Army, Financial Companies, and Philanthropic Organizations
Leading a small squad in a war zone, Jacobs encounters a surprise attack and must decide how to proceed without guidance, despite having little experience and …
Will Swenson
Medal of Honor Recipient and Military Officer, U.S. Army
Medal of Honor recipient shares the importance of being immersed with his team to motivate others while balancing emotions tied to fear, anger, risk, and sacri…
Gayle Colvin
Colonel, U.S. Air Force
Colonel shares how she is able to motivate people to work hard and do jobs that are risky and dangerous.

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