Managing Boss and Expectations
  • Miriam Rivera, Vice President/Deputy General Counsel, Google
    A lawyer must advocate for herself when she is being excluded from the team about to handle a pivotal case for the company.
  • Maria Eitel, President, Nike Foundation
    Executive anticipates reaction to a program proposal that seems to confirm female stereotypes.
  • Leslye Louie, SVP, Hewlett Packard
    Petite manager must assert herself against domineering rival during a merger.
  • Alex Jensen, Marketing Executive, BP
    Manager must lead by example by communicating effectively while managing her team from home.
  • Connie Matsui, EVP, Innovation, Biogen Idec
    Executive used to tackling big challenges faces the biggest one of all: a newborn.
  • Nicole Malachowski, Officer, United States Air Force
    Female Officer must overcome the lack of confidence in her abilities because she is a woman.
  • Allison Hickey, General, U.S. Air Force
    Female pilot is asked repeatedly to prove she can handle a maneuver traditionally performed by men.
  • Yasmin Lukatz, Executive Director and CoFounder, ICON
    A working mom must guide her daughter through harassment from peers who taunt her because her mom is not like the other moms she sees at sc…