• Marten Mickos, former CEO, MySQL
    A giant rival’s surprise move tests the mettle of a small company’s executive team.
  • Rebecca Halstead, General, U.S. Army
    Army General discusses how to keep morale high during a year-long combat mission in Iraq.
  • Danny Shader, CEO, Good Technology
    To slash costs, a CEO tells his workforce he is cutting salaries across the board.
  • Jim Roth, Manager, Dell
    Manager must devise incentives for a call-center team to boost customer satisfaction.
  • Leslye Louie, SVP, Hewlett Packard
    Manager must keep her team focused during grueling six-month merger integration process.
  • Dave Kaval, CEO, Golden Baseball League
    Founder must find new types of incentives to make his younger workers do his bidding.
  • Hank Vigil, SVP, Strategy & Partnership, Microsoft
    Executive engages a loose affiliation of colleagues to make deals with corporate partners.
  • Nicole Blatt, Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Air Force
    An Air Force officer lobbies outside her chain of command for the adoption of a new weapon to protect soldiers.
  • Jim Roth, Manager, Dell
    Manager must gain the trust of his call-center team to encourage them to maximize customer satisfaction.
  • Karen Zaderej, Former VP, Johnson & Johnson
    Manager finds employee is having personal problems that are affecting her productivity at work.
  • Brian NeSmith, CEO, Blue Coat
    CEO faces manager whose current performance is hindered by survivor guilt from past rounds of layoffs.
  • Andrea So, Captain, U.S. Army
    Army Captain must improve the performance of a logistics unit whose members are culturally diverse.
  • Karen Zaderej, Former VP, Johnson & Johnson
    Manager seeks to turn around an under-performing team by investigating a simmering conflict.
  • Dave Almand, Officer, U.S. Air Force
    Commander must maintain team's motivation after organization's leader commit suicide, leading to low morale, uncertainty, fear and copy cat…
  • Rosalind Kainyah, Company President, DeBeers Inc.
    Vice President must manage challenging international negotiations while leading and motivating her team of worker bees and self motivators.
  • Jim Haynes, Sr. Vice President, Bechtel Corp
    Senior Vice President must bring together two culturally different teams to perform on a very ambitious project under great pressure.
  • Larry Melton, Project Executive Director, Bechtel Corporation
    Project Director addresses how he uses senior manager reviews to increase productivity rather than leave people feeling disengaged and demo…
  • Alex Jensen, Marketing Executive, BP
    Manager must keep her team motivated while leading them remotely.
  • Gayle Hazelwood, Superintendent, National Park Service
    Leader must turn around an under-performing team after arriving to a new job.