• Allison Hickey, General, U.S. Air Force
    Air Force Brigadier General must persuade reluctant pilots to adopt new technology that will better protect ground forces.
  • Marty Evans, Admiral and CEO, U.S Navy, Girl Scouts, and Red Cross
    CEO must adjust priorities and organizational focus to better align with the mission.
  • Kate Richardson, Superintendent, National Park Service
    National Park Service Superintendent must unify a disparate organization that lacks common focus, branding, mission, and vision.
  • Hank Vigil, SVP, Strategy & Partnership, Microsoft
    Executive must overcome his firm's adverse reputation to resolve anti-trust disputes.
  • Dave Kaval, CEO, Golden Baseball League
    Entrepreneur encounters a chorus of naysayers as he tries to get his startup off the ground.
  • Rebecca Halstead, General, U.S. Army
    Army Brigadier General must prepare an unfamiliar group of soldiers for a year-long mission in Iraq.
  • Vicente Fox, Former President, Mexico
    Mexican Presidential Candidate must appeal to people and their needs to change the political system and lead social change.
  • Janet Ang, VP, Global Desktop Business Unit, Lenovo
    Veteran manager must help her employees face reality of life under a new owner.
  • Nancy Barry, President, Women's World Banking
    President must balance the needs of business partners with those of her staff team to achieve her vision.
  • Nabeel Gareeb, CEO, MEMC
    New CEO considers a radical management overhaul in response to financial and operational disarray.
  • Naila Mehrabova, General Director, CrossCaspian Oil and Logistics
    Young female executive in male-dominated industry must woo a skeptical board.
  • Peter Loescher, CEO, Siemens
    New CEO must build a culture of accountability to change the way business is done after a scandal.
  • Maureen Finnerty, Superintendent, National Park Service
    Superintendent must identify stakeholders and find common ground to accomplish a controversial dam removal project.
  • Dave Mihalic, Superintendent, National Park Service
    A new National Park Superintendent must establish a presence in a region that is opposed to any government people or influence.
  • Mike Ward, Superintendent, National Park Service
    Superintendent inherits a building project that lacks Park and Federal support but is critical for local support.
  • Sara Newman, Director, Department of Health and Human Services
    Leader must get buy in for a change in a very traditional national organization.
  • Anne Marie Burgoyne, Managing Director, Social Innovation, Emerson Collective
    Board member must determine how to enable a Non-Profit to better function through it's Board of Directors.